Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Texas, Driving, Missouri, and What's Next

Tuesday the 7th:

Well, we did it.  We finished up our Texas ministry and drove back to Missouri yesterday, stopping only a few hundred times to change dirty diapers or buy beef jerky.  Made it back around . . . eh, 1:30am?  Woke up a few hours later to lead our intercession set in the JPR this morning.  

I now feel quite energetic as I have not crashed from caffeine and exhaustion yet.  Mmmm, I'm gonna sleep good tonight.  :)

So our little Texas circuit was such a blessing, even more so than we expected.  We got so many testimonies of lives changed and hearts blessed, and we Radiants were blessed and encouraged to be doing ministry together as a team.  And we were blessed by the love and support we felt from the churches we ministered at.  We appreciate you!

I would love to post pictures on here of each event, but alas I have none.  If anyone would like to donate a digital camera to the cause, I will put oh so many pictures on following blogs.

Fairly uneventful, if you don't count all the stops.  I did drink coffee at 11pm, and still fell asleep when I got home.  Somebody put that on the record.  I must have been tired!

Settling back here in Kansas City, where I will be busily working on practicing and playing with our JPR team, praying with our JHOP friends (the ones we went to Wichita with), finishing 2008 taxes and 1st quarter 2009 taxes for Radiant, working (possibly) on recording my music (I said possibly), and all manner of other things.

What's Next
And in 2 weeks I head out to Texas again to get ready to dance with trEd at a conference in Louisiana, and immediately afterward Radiant leaves for a 2 1/2 week mission tour to the East Coast.

This is when life gets nice and busy!  Here we go!!!  :)


  1. Hold on to your duck hat! Wahooooo

  2. I just want to say 'you go girl'...
    you guys are awesome!
    (p.s. I realize that you probably don't know me, my husband and I got to CTK...and we love your parents..haha.)

  3. is there any truth to the rumor that you, hannah, are working on a worship c.d.? or is that just my wishful/prayerful wow i would love that thinking?

  4. woohoo! comments!

    i have a goal to release a little "ep" with some of my original songs on it this year. hopefully sooner than later, but i don't want to commit to a time yet until i actually set a realistic goal. it will just be a simple affair, my and my guitar and piano, and maybe a little auxillary instrumentation. i'll be sure to let you guys know when i have a better idea of when it will come.

    thanks sami...! i need to meet you next time i come down. :)

  5. WOW...... I am so glad that you have a BLOG!

  6. i'm just put at ease knowing that you are working on it.

  7. I am anxiously awaiting my own personal Hannah Crouse EP, because Hannah singing in the basement is not good enough...

  8. I'm so excited that you're all coming back to the East Coast! It's been TOO long since we've seen you. Blogs, twitter, etc are great but they don't make up for the real thing. See you in 4 weeks!