Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Just another night in the life...

I need to step up my blogging frequency, no?

OK, July has been a pretty productive month. I think I've actually been in the same state all month, so that's an accomplishment in and of itself. I've gotten to spend lots of time in the office getting our records caught up and trying to improve systems. So that's always good.

Techno-80s explosion + Conga Line: just another night in the life at IHOP... wait, what?

OK, I was working on getting some photos or something of Awakening Teen Camp and Fascinate 09. Even tried to edit some Andrew-cam, but in the end I realized that it will be better to wait. I know, I am sorry. There will be some seriously awesome video clips and pics at some point.

Leading worship for the youth camps has been so great. Richy and Daniel and I have been working with a team up here, leading several times for the camp and for the Fascinate High School Conference. Seeing young people encounter the Lord is just absolutely the best, and He has been faithful to meet with them at every service.

When our other two Radiants (Nate and Matt) came up these last couple days, it was just over the top. I think that ATC exploded all over the FSM building last night. There were beautiful times of repentance, intimacy and worship, but I gotta say my favorite was the altar call at the end. After 45 minutes or so of ministry and prayer, we decided to end with some praise. Now, high explosive praise demands high explosive music, correct? So a techno-80's groove during "O clap your hands all you people" and some nice ska/punk/Supertones rhythms for "Your Name is Holy" wouldn't be totally out of place, would they?

And neither would a 300 person conga line and an encore...