Thursday, March 4, 2010

Songs of a Great Awakening

Today, our drummer Matt and his family come up from Texas. And then...

Let the rock and roll begin.

We'll be in the studio for an intensive 5 days or so, creating and tracking 4 or 5 songs. Some will be covers, some will be never-before-heard originals. But they will all be a more accurate representation of what Radiant is currently doing than what we have released up to this point.

There is a group of intercessors up in Boston right now, praying and fasting for 40 days for a revival in New England that would sweep across the rest of the USA. They're targeting college campuses, specifically the Ivy League Universities, with prayer and prophetic evangelism. They're contending for another Great Awakening to break out, like those of the past and greater.

Though we cannot be there on site, an intercessor friend of ours had a dream that suggested our involvement. In the dream, some members of Radiant were looking out across the Charles River in Boston. Through a series of other dreams, we began to wonder if this might be a reference to Charles Wesley, who wrote a multitude of hymns that were sung during the Great Awakening.

And we had a thought: what if our part to play this time is in writing the songs of a Great Awakening?

Lord, be with us as we write and arrange these songs this weekend. Anoint us with Your power and Your Spirit. Let this project be a part of the release of a Great Awakening in the nation. Anoint the songs with delivering and healing power. Let us hear the sounds of heaven and communicate them on earth. Amen.