Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Awakening Teen Camp + Pix Link

Well, Awakening Teen Camp was a blast. I was so blessed to serve at about 10 of the sessions on stage as a musician and/or singer. I believe that part of the reason I and the Clarks are in Kansas City is to labor in prayer and service for the mighty youth revival we have been dreaming about. The ministry of the Holy Spirit that we saw this summer among the teenagers has been enough to bring tears to my eyes; I saw Him move corporately and touch individuals with the power of His love that is powerful enough to set them free from sin, depression and rage; and I saw Him seal kids' hearts with His love, and call them to live set apart lives and change the world. It is so incredible to be in the will of the Lord; there's nowhere I'd rather be.

When the whole team was here, we had the privilege of being photographed during a live set by the amazing Shelley Paulson. Please check out the photos here! She did an incredible job.

OK. Onward Christian soldiers... Amen.