Friday, March 27, 2009

Tiller Update / Tour Schedule

On the Tiller case:
Friday the jury found George Tiller "not guilty" on all 19 criminal charges.  Appears as though we lost a battle in the natural; God, open our eyes to see what was accomplished in the spirit.  We can still stand in prayer, believing that our prayers were and are effective in ending Tiller's practice.  In light of the outcome of the trial, the Kansas Board of Healing Arts just filed a complaint against Tiller's medical license on 11 counts, closely resembling the ones that were just dismissed.  They too have authority to revoke his medical license.  So we can keep praying!

This Week's Ministry Schedule:
Our ministry schedule began yesterday morning at the Epicenter in Sugarland, TX.  Besides the fact that I slept in and got there 30 min before 'go' time, and therefore didn't get to use my uber-cool new keyboard setup, it was a great service.  The testimonies that we heard spoke of profound repentance and new hope and vision.  The altar time at the end was about the Lord being our Rock and our Salvation.  It was sweet.

That morning was followed by an afternoon bbqing in the blazing Texas heat in Nik and Adrian's new backyard, and then we headed to Cut-n-Shoot to do a concert (concert = evangelistic worship and ministry) with our friends and family at The Father's House.  We love those guys.  It was awesome.

Still to come this week:
Click here to find details on our myspace page.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Back to Wichita

I'll be heading back to Wichita in the morning to stand at the courthouse again.
Tiller's main defense is scheduled for tomorrow,
so we'll be standing on the wall in intercession outside the courthouse from 9am-3pm.
Please pray for strength and stamina for our team,
and above all, that righteous judgments would be passed
and the stronghold of abortion would be broken in the heartland of our nation.

Update: 10:10pm

It was a good day.  As we stood and prayed we began to receive good reports from inside the courtroom.  Tiller was beginning to stumble over his words and contradict himself a little bit, and the jury was taking notice of the inconsistencies.

At this point the lawpeople inside the courtroom are saying the case could still go either way.  But we are believing that God was weighed this man in the balance and he has been found wanting, and that his kingdom is being divided and taken from him, just as in Daniel 5:25 with the writing on the wall.  And that his house and the house of abortion are being broken into bits, as in Amos 6:11 (or 12?).

Please over the next few days continue to pray for the jurors in this case.  Pray that their hearts would be turned toward righteousness and that they would judge in favor of life and truth.  Pray for mercy for the man Tiller, that his heart would be changed and he would see the value of a human life and repent and not come under judgment for the shedding of so much innocent blood.  Pray for the prosecuting attorney, Disney, that he would have divine wisdom.

Love you guys!  

Next blog: back to Texas for ministry with Radiant.  Leaving this Friday!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Prayer for the Tiller trial

Well, today was an intense day.  We went with our JHOP (also Bound4Life) friends to Wichita, KS (about a 3 hour drive).  There we stood "on the wall" of intercession, with LIFE tape on our mouths, and prayed from 8am-5pm for God to bring forth justice in the case of a man named George Tiller.  Tiller is responsible for tens of thousands of abortions, many of them late-term and partial birth abortions.  He's one of the most well-known abortionists in our nation.  He has been charged with performing 19 abortions without proper signatures.  Minor technicalities, say we who know the real crime is the murder of so many innocent lives.  But the fact is that if he is convicted on these 19 counts, he could lose his medical license and receive anywhere from 19 years to life in prison.  His clinic would be shut down, and lives would be saved. 

His defenders are claiming he is innocent, and are now pleading with the judge and jury about how compassionate a man Tiller is, and how the medical field needs such a good and benevolent doctor.  And truthfully, people who interact with him describe him as kind and compassionate.

What we are praying against is not the man, George Tiller, but the spirit of death that is working through him.  God, give this man a revelation of the value of a human life.  We have a window here to see his practice ended and many lives saved.  

The case will be in court this week, ending as soon as Monday, but possibly as late as Friday.  Please pray with us that the judge and jury in that court would be bound to issue the judgments that God is issuing from His throne.  Pray that God would release faithful witnesses in the courtroom, who cannot speak lies but will expose every dark and truthful thing.  Pray for mercy for this man, and for America.  And that righteousness would be the victor in this battle.

I encourage you to research George Tiller for more information on his trial.  Stay informed so you know how to pray.  :)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Worship with the Word

Richy and I got to lead our first two-hour set in the JPR (Justice Prayer Room - the smaller, untelevised IHOP prayer room) on Thursday, with a team of friends we have found here in Kansas City.  (Some of them will be permanently on our JPR team, some were just subbing)

Worship with the Word sets are times devoted to singing the Scriptures.  It combines music and worship with meditating on God's truths.  What you do is take a portion of Scripture (we did Psalm 27) and break it down into sections (2-3 verses).  For each section, a singer will sing the section through, verbatim, to introduce it.  Then the singers and the prayer leader will begin to take it phrase by phrase, meditating on each word and building on each idea by repeating it, rephrasing it, and referencing other Scriptures that pertain to the same idea.  

It really is a beautiful way of meditating on the Word and renewing your mind.  And the feedback we were getting afterward from people on the team and in the room was that the anointing and the flow were remarkable.  People love the presence of God.  We are trying to do what Radiant normally does (creating an atmosphere of the presence of God), even as we fit ourselves into IHOP's structure.  And we're excited to be able to serve the people here and IHOP in this way.

Next Tuesday:  our first JPR intercession set.  Here we go!!!