Friday, March 27, 2009

Tiller Update / Tour Schedule

On the Tiller case:
Friday the jury found George Tiller "not guilty" on all 19 criminal charges.  Appears as though we lost a battle in the natural; God, open our eyes to see what was accomplished in the spirit.  We can still stand in prayer, believing that our prayers were and are effective in ending Tiller's practice.  In light of the outcome of the trial, the Kansas Board of Healing Arts just filed a complaint against Tiller's medical license on 11 counts, closely resembling the ones that were just dismissed.  They too have authority to revoke his medical license.  So we can keep praying!

This Week's Ministry Schedule:
Our ministry schedule began yesterday morning at the Epicenter in Sugarland, TX.  Besides the fact that I slept in and got there 30 min before 'go' time, and therefore didn't get to use my uber-cool new keyboard setup, it was a great service.  The testimonies that we heard spoke of profound repentance and new hope and vision.  The altar time at the end was about the Lord being our Rock and our Salvation.  It was sweet.

That morning was followed by an afternoon bbqing in the blazing Texas heat in Nik and Adrian's new backyard, and then we headed to Cut-n-Shoot to do a concert (concert = evangelistic worship and ministry) with our friends and family at The Father's House.  We love those guys.  It was awesome.

Still to come this week:
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  1. OOO had fun praying with you guys last night.