Saturday, March 7, 2009

Worship with the Word

Richy and I got to lead our first two-hour set in the JPR (Justice Prayer Room - the smaller, untelevised IHOP prayer room) on Thursday, with a team of friends we have found here in Kansas City.  (Some of them will be permanently on our JPR team, some were just subbing)

Worship with the Word sets are times devoted to singing the Scriptures.  It combines music and worship with meditating on God's truths.  What you do is take a portion of Scripture (we did Psalm 27) and break it down into sections (2-3 verses).  For each section, a singer will sing the section through, verbatim, to introduce it.  Then the singers and the prayer leader will begin to take it phrase by phrase, meditating on each word and building on each idea by repeating it, rephrasing it, and referencing other Scriptures that pertain to the same idea.  

It really is a beautiful way of meditating on the Word and renewing your mind.  And the feedback we were getting afterward from people on the team and in the room was that the anointing and the flow were remarkable.  People love the presence of God.  We are trying to do what Radiant normally does (creating an atmosphere of the presence of God), even as we fit ourselves into IHOP's structure.  And we're excited to be able to serve the people here and IHOP in this way.

Next Tuesday:  our first JPR intercession set.  Here we go!!!



  1. Follow-up: First JPR Intercession set -

    OK now it's starting to feel like we're plugging in here. We've got enthusiastic people who like the presence of God wanting to team with us for our JPR sets, and the dude that leads the prayer for us on Tuesdays has a heart for youth. So we get to pray for youth revival. This is totally our gig.

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