Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Back to Wichita

I'll be heading back to Wichita in the morning to stand at the courthouse again.
Tiller's main defense is scheduled for tomorrow,
so we'll be standing on the wall in intercession outside the courthouse from 9am-3pm.
Please pray for strength and stamina for our team,
and above all, that righteous judgments would be passed
and the stronghold of abortion would be broken in the heartland of our nation.

Update: 10:10pm

It was a good day.  As we stood and prayed we began to receive good reports from inside the courtroom.  Tiller was beginning to stumble over his words and contradict himself a little bit, and the jury was taking notice of the inconsistencies.

At this point the lawpeople inside the courtroom are saying the case could still go either way.  But we are believing that God was weighed this man in the balance and he has been found wanting, and that his kingdom is being divided and taken from him, just as in Daniel 5:25 with the writing on the wall.  And that his house and the house of abortion are being broken into bits, as in Amos 6:11 (or 12?).

Please over the next few days continue to pray for the jurors in this case.  Pray that their hearts would be turned toward righteousness and that they would judge in favor of life and truth.  Pray for mercy for the man Tiller, that his heart would be changed and he would see the value of a human life and repent and not come under judgment for the shedding of so much innocent blood.  Pray for the prosecuting attorney, Disney, that he would have divine wisdom.

Love you guys!  

Next blog: back to Texas for ministry with Radiant.  Leaving this Friday!


  1. Awesome! Praying for your team and our nation.

  2. I will be praying, I believe that God will move very strongly in the peoples hearts! :)

  3. Hey there Hannah very interesting about the tiller case, I have not heard about that. I will be praying as well. glad to know that you will be back in texas! :) -Katie

  4. I was just going to ask if there was an update and there it was. Yes will keep praying. More encouraging news...I was watching the news at work in our cafeteria, and the issue of same-sex marriage has come to Vermont's governor, said he has plans to veto it....Planned Parent Hood got exposed on yet MORE stuff from what I read on Fox News...so more stuff is happening so we HAVE to keep praying. Love you!