Tuesday, January 26, 2010

TheCall Crisis - Houston TX

Something astounding happened in Houston this month. Ten thousand gathered on a Sunday night at an event that was planned in literally weeks, to pray for the ending of abortion and injustice. The following morning, Martin Luther King Day, as many as 14,000 rallied to pray and protest the presence of what will be the largest abortion clinic in the western hemisphere when it opens later this year. Again, this rally was planned in about 20 days. How did an organization such as The Call mobilize that many people in that short amount of time?

My favorite number is the final count of people standing in Silent Siege around the new clinic. 4,200. Four thousand two hundred bodies, standing as a wall, praying and contending against the raising up of this monstrosity. Four thousand two hundred people, in unity with the heart of God, equipped with the power of the Holy Spirit, backed my myriads of angels. Four thousand two hundred people who needed no instruction, no motivation, no inspiration. Four thousand two hundred who came, stuck a piece of LIFE tape over their mouths, and took their place on the wall, some of them not budging for 6 hours as they prayed silently for destinies, LIFE and the ending of abortion in Houston.

As I stood before that building, one in a line of 4,200, I was imagining the battle going on in the spirit. Sure, the spirit of death is huge and scary, and he has a lot of control and power. But if one person, with God, can put a thousand of the enemy to flight, and two can put ten thousand to flight...

What can 4,200 do?


Radiant's job this month was to book and complete a tour (in two weeks, mind you) to mobilize for TheCall Crisis. We headed to Texas on January 1 and poured ourselves out to see this event succeed. We were so blessed to see the outcome of the event. However, we as a team did suffer some losses. Besides those of sleep and health :), nearly all of Radiant's stage gear was stolen from the back of our drummer's Tahoe. For details on how to help: