Thursday, April 30, 2009

Day 2: Tour Orientation

This morning I awoke, ran a couple miles at the park, ate a very interesting breakfast of rice, eggs and cheese, and headed over to "The Foundry" to lead worship (just me and my piano) for about 12 young adults who are doing an internship at the Thunder School here in Nashville.

It was being put on a stage first thing in the morning, before tour has actually "begun," that sobered me up last night.  Realizing I had wasted a lot of my van time yesterday.  But God has been so gracious to me in that He's been doing a deep work of love and consecration in my heart.  So I was able to pull from what He has been doing in me in order to minister to the kids here.  And He was sweet to meet with us this morning and encourage the kids with His presence.

Elsewhat today, we had our tour orientation meeting with the whole team, establishing rules and protocol and all things useful for maintaining a spirit of unity and accomplishing all God has ordained.  

And now, we're practicing music.
As you can see, I'm working really hard... ;)


  1. at that very moment, I was probably eating pizza at the hotel. Good thing we're cute, or we'd probably be fired.

  2. Sounds like a kinda crazy day!!