Thursday, July 1, 2010

Belated Updated

Despite the spurts of motivation I experience to keep my blog current, the reality remains that I am just intimidated by the thought of boiling my life and thougths down into a few good points and fashioning them into paragraphs, so I end up procrastinating the task. At some point I will learn how to do this well. I am not there yet. : ) But anyhow, below is a short video of a few testimonies from our Texas tour.

This tour was marked by tons of healings! Maybe the most profound story came when a team member was asked to pray over the phone for a girl who was in a coma, dying of cancer. She had said her goodbyes to her family, and the doctors were sure she wouldn’t wake up. But when he prayed, she immediately woke up singing, and was able to talk and eat and sing all that day. A friend with leukemia in the same hospital came into her room and put her hand on the girl, was instantly healed of leukemia and was discharged from the hospital that same day! Praise the Lord! That tangible release of healing power is what we’re praying will increase across the nation, resulting in harvest.

Currently we are finishing out a 21 day prayer strike in St Louis, MO. More on that soon... I hope. : )

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