Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Royal Air Force / St Louis

The Battle of Britain in World War 2 was Germany's campaign to gain air superiority over Britain in order to pave the way for a ground invasion; it was the first major campaign to be fought entirely by air forces. The German Air Force had many more planes and pilots than did the Royal Air Force, and yet they failed to accomplish their goal. Germany's failure in this campaign was considered its first major defeat and one of the main turning points of World War 2. Who was it that held the highly trained and numerous Luftwaffe in check and maintained Britain's air supremacy? It was the Royal Air Force, a company small in number and inefficiently trained. What secured their victory? Among other things, radar intelligence (a new development that Germany had not yet integrated) and a willingness to die for their cause. Many of them lost their lives, and it was of these men that Winston Churchill proclaimed "Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few."

In St Louis for the past three weeks, a small company of young intercessors met and covenanted together to lay down their lives for their country. They had received a word that they were like the RAF - that there was a battle in the air (the spiritual realm) over America, and though the enemy was great, the battle could be won. The keys to the battle would be intelligence (getting revelation from heaven about what God wanted to do and how He wanted to do it) and a willingness to lay down their lives to see God's will done. These keys, mixed with humility, worship, purity and obedience would ensure victory.

This company entered into 21 days of seeking God with fasting, worship and praise, receiving many dreams that gave them specific prayer direction, and seeing answers to prayer take place following their prayers. One such testimony was the day they received direction to pray that the many "adult" businesses on I-70 between Kansas City and St Louis would be shut down. The following day the governor of Missouri signed a bill severely limiting these establishments. Seeing the answer to a prayer in the next day's news gave them faith to pray all the prayers the Lord gave them, though they may not see immediate visible results. The primary focus of most of this company's prayers was to see 100,000 salvations and healings in the homosexual community. The word of the Lord was that these testimonies would be instrumental in turning America back to righteousness before it's too late. The fruit of most of those prayers is yet to be seen, but I believe they will be seen in America.

Radiant was privileged to serve that small band of people by leading prayer and worship sets. It was an honor to work and pray along side of those who would give their lives to see many in bondage set free. Lord, remember the prayers and sacrifices of your saints; let the Lamb receive the reward of His sufferings in America. Send revival, send salvation, bring healing, for Your Name's sake.

It has been said that "history belongs to the intercessors." America is in a desperate time; when one takes in the way wickedness is abounding, even to the point of the legalization of the murder of unborn babies and the forced acceptance of all kinds of sin, it seems like certain defeat. But could it be that the tide could be turned by a few who are radically obedient to God? Just a few who will fast and pray, dream dreams from heaven, and pray the promises of God until angels are released, demonic strongholds shake and crash to the ground, and millions are set free from sin. I want to be one of these few. How about you?

Dare to believe it. Your prayers can move mountains!


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