Saturday, June 5, 2010

Texas Tour Day 1

Last night was a great way to start off a tour. After an extended time of high praise and worship, which ended with spontaneous singing and dancing and rejoicing before the Lord in joy and freedom, Richy gave a specific altar call for those needing to give their lives to the Lord. About 10 people responded to come into right relationship with God. Praise Jesus! Angels are rejoicing!

After this, we invited trEd Prophetic Dance to come and do a piece on spiritual warfare and the overcoming Church. The weight of the Presence of the Lord came into the room and as the Radiant team then came forward to prophesy and minister to individuals. There was a release of joy (the wine of the Spirit) and fire before we did any individual ministry at all. Then we prayed for healing for those who had back pain and several people went away with no pain. Then we prophesied and prayed for nearly the whole room, including all who needed physical healing.

The service went til 11:30, and it was all just great quality ministry. Thanks Lord!

See where else we're going to be this week below. Would love to see ya there!

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