Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Hello all!  It's been a while since I've updated.  

PLEASE NOTE: New address for support and correspondence!  Beginning July 2, we will be receiving mail at 3905 E 107th Terrace, Kansas City, MO  64137


It's been a great couple of weeks.  Last weekend I drove down to Texas to dance with trEd at a women's conference in Houston.  A 12 hour drive, alone, is not something I get excited about, especially when I have to make the return drive a mere 3 days later.  But as I was sitting there at that conference, I thought to myself:  "How could I ever complain? Who gets to live a life like this?"  I remember coming down from the stage after singing an original song (which Adrian so gorgeously interpreted with dance) and seeing a woman in the very back just leaning back with her eyes closed, soaking in the love of God.  If people are having encounters with God through my little offerings, it is all worth it.


Then last night I was able to help lead worship at IHOP's Awakening Teen Camp with our JPR worship team, which includes "RAD" (Richy, me and Daniel) and some other very cool dudes we've picked up around here.  Man, there was such a spirit of revival and praise and deliverance in that room last night.  These kids want to worship!  They want to encounter God!  During "You Are Holy" we really felt the release of the presence of God and angelic activity, and then we took it up into high praise with "Our God Reigns."  All those kids singing "He reigns!!!!" over and over again - that was definitely a highlight of worship.

Then Corey Russell spoke, and that is always intense.  Altar ministry was amazing.  Kids getting delivered from sins and stuff, especially dealing with sexual immorality.  I remember one kid right in front of me, shouting (almost screaming) "I close the doors! I close the doors! I close the doors!"  Seriously, those kids are changed.

It felt so effective.  We may be leading at the Fascinate conference in July, which is a OneThing-like event they do annually.  Stay tuned.


A BIG THANK YOU! to all who gave this month.  My bills were actually all covered by mid-month, with some left over for groceries and gas!  Great job, team!  :)

Many blessings!


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