Thursday, May 7, 2009

Day 7ish: Virginia Beach

I blog from the van, thanks to Matthew Traylor's Sprint card.  Hollah.

We are on our way from Aiken, SC to Virginia Beach, VA. We’ve had ministry every night and not a whole lot of sleep, so the whole team is tired, but there’s grace. Tonight we have ministry in Virginia, tomorrow we’ll be in D.C. (or is it Massachusetts? Somebody get me a schedule), and then Saturday is just a drive day (which translates as a more restful day, hopefully).

I enjoy the long drive days. Even though we have to wake up earlier and get less sleep. For one thing, I don’t drive so I normally get to nap while we’re driving. But besides that, it gives me lots of time to quiet my soul before God, and get to the place where I can hear His voice and feel His desires for the meeting. It’s unfortunate that it takes me so much time to get to that place. The goal is to be always in that place. But it is helpful to be able to soak in the Word for a few hours as we drive.

We have a team reading plan for our drives. We’re all reading through John and Acts in these weeks on the road. Today, John 8 and Acts 12. (Somehow got a light reading day on a heavy drive day… I’ll probably read ahead.)

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