Monday, May 11, 2009

Day 11, I think: Hamden, CT

Today we are shooting over to Hamden, CT to play at Frontline Church. We have awesome history (dating back to 2003) at Frontline, a church of mostly young people who are hungry for the Lord and love to worship. It’s going to be great.

Last night we were with some old friends (our history with them dates back farther, to 1999) in Feeding Hills, Massachusetts at a church called Lighthouse. It was really great. The ministry was pretty energetic and direct, due to the fact that we were more rested than we have yet been on this trip, and due also to the Mountain Dew Richy consumed pre-service. And the people were very receptive; the whole room basically responded to the Lord at the altar call, and we prayed for healing and ministered prophetically.

We’re on the last run of the tour, and all feeling pretty good. We had a day off Saturday, and have had short drives Sunday and today, so it’s been so nice to have a more relaxed schedule. Definitely needed it.

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  1. Halo, Statue???

    Thank you so much for me mother's day phone call. You made my day!