Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Back in Texas with trEd

It is good to be back where the sun is shining and there is water in the air!  Just want to say a thank you to all those who have partnered with me financially so far this year.  You are a blessing!  Here is another level of what your support is allowing me to be a part of:

trEd Prophetic Dance
The Lord gave me a gift about a year and a half ago:  the opportunity to be a part of a company of friends who seek God with complete abandon and have given their lives over to see His Kingdom come on the earth - - - and whose primary expression of this is dance.  

I am home in Texas to get ready to dance at the Kingdom Glory Conference this weekend at Encourager Church in Houston.   (http://www.celebrationministries.com/web/pageid/79052/pages.asp)  We feel that the Lord wants to release His people from spiritual and emotional bondage this weekend, and that we are to dance for their deliverance, so that afterward He can come to them and kiss them with sweet intimacy.  Pray with us that His will would be fully done in that conference.

"trEd is a company of intercessors that interprets music through the power of spontaneous movement.  Their unique calling is to see breakthrough and deliverance through an aggressive style of dance.  Unified in heart and mind, they desire to see God's glory manifest on the earth and to see a generation consumed by the fire of God."

Please check out the videos on our new website (still under construction):

trEd will be ministering across the nation and the nations this year.  Stay tuned for updates on that as well!



  1. Hello HannahElizabeth!
    Cool lookkin' blog! Hot picture!
    Great trEd website! cannot wait to
    see finished product!

    Love you bunches!

    aka katw0man....

  2. Hi Hannah! I was in KC twice this past month and thought of you often. Was too busy to call but excited for you in you journey.

    I really miss the hills in KC. And the traffic is so much better there! I like the way their streets run. We have to always go out to the same freeway here...ya know. We had a good time visiting the spots where home use to be. All the homes my 6 brothers and I ever lived in have now been torn down.

    See ya in the blogging world.