Monday, February 16, 2009

All about how the conference in Houston went...

Well, I made it back to this great, though somewhat Missourian, city of Kansas City, driving the whole way with oil leaking out of the bottom of my car.  Thought I had a stripped oil pan plug, but it turns out the dude that changed my oil just didn't tighten it tight enough.  (No names to protect the Remm... remainder of innocence... ;) )

Kingdom Glory Conference
The conference we dance at in Houston turned
out to be explosive and sweet.  Just as we had
felt in prayer that the Lord was saying, the 
conference began with strength and aggression,
as people came in ready to be free from the 
weights they had been carrying.  trEd was able to present our piece "Payback" at the very 
beginning of the first night.  The piece is all 
about the Lord being the One who takes vengeance on our enemies and brings them down under our feet.  It is a powerful and aggressive piece.

trEd and another dance company (HIS Company) traded off dancing spontaneously during the worship set, which Julie Meyer (out of IHOP Kansas City) was leading.  Between worship and the message, we also presented a piece to "Holy" by Matt Gillman, a very "throne room" type of song, exalting the holiness of God.  

Over the course of the conference, there were many blessed times of joy, freedom, victory, intercessory prayer and worship.  The last night there was such an anointing of joy, that I danced so hard I was almost sick.  What else can you do but dance with all your might, when God is so good and the victory of the cross so complete?  

We had prayed and felt like the Lord wanted to kiss the people with intimacy the last night.  And, oh man, was it beautiful.  Pray for Leah, our "captain."  She and her husband Nate had been scheduled to do a very intimate piece that night about Christ and His Bride; it's a piece that brings people into a love encounter with the Lover of their soul and rarely leaves a dry eye in the place.  But at the end of worship, Julie was singing spontaneously, and the Lord gave one of our other dancers a spontaneous dance that released exactly that kiss of intimacy that we had felt would come.  It was a good thing, too, because as we found out later, the injury Leah had sustained to her foot (and was going to dance on anyway) was actually a very nasty fracture.  Please keep her in your prayers for a complete and speedy healing.

So all in all, the conference was a beautiful success.  God revealed His to His people His victory, His love, His joy, His might in battle, and His overwhelmingly sweet love and desire He has for us.  We had many testimonies of people who said they were "energized" to live as overcomers instead of victims; there were many who wept at the revelation of Jesus as One passionately in love with them; I was even able to pray for a girl for deliverance from various things, and healing for an injury in her back.  She said she felt heat in her back, but I haven't heard whether the healing was complete.  But I believe God was doing something there.

Thanks to all of you who give to help me be a part of a ministry which encourages the Church to reach her full potential, living the life Christ died to give us.


  1. oooh...I always wondered what payback was about.

    I mean...I knew it was about vengeance...but I guess didn't connect that God was paying back? I guess I need to take classes on how to interpret interpretive dance. Or maybe I'm just dense. Anyway...

    WHAT did I not tighten well enough? and how did you find out?

  2. Well, it's really about how God empowers us to subdue our enemies. Vengeance is ours, but there's also activity on our part. If you get a chance read Ps 18:36-50. It's where part of the dance was choreographed from.

    And you didn't tighten my oil pan plug. You mentioned it being stripped, and lo and behold my oil was leaking, so I assumed it was stripped and took it in to a shop, and they just said it wasn't tightened. Tightened it right up for me and then tried to sell me an air filter. What is it with those guys and air filters?

  3. Correction to above: Should be "Vengeance is THE LORD'S" not "Vengeance is ours." Mis-type.

  4. I told you that you needed an air filter!

    I did tighten it...or at least I thought I had?

    Lo siento mi amiga.

  5. BTW, text for Payback is 2 Samuel 22!

  6. i just read it in psalm 18 before i wrote this...

  7. i guess it was 2 samuel. but psalm, too. :)

  8. I just wanted to let you know that trEd has really touched my heart! Love you guys (girls) :D