Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Our Prayers, Another's Deliverance

"Yes, and I will rejoice, for I know that this will turn
out for my deliverance through your prayers and the
provision of the Spirit of Jesus Christ," Phil 1:19

Recently I was talking to a friend and she began to share her brother's story with me. Her brother was a believer who had struggled with homosexuality for a number of years. He fought with it but was unable to find deliverance in the church, in freedom programs and counseling, even in fasting. He became discouraged and is now living the lifestyle fully.

The story broke my heart. That a man who is searching for deliverance in the church and from the Lord with fasting would not be able to get free. That the spirit of homosexuality would be able to cling to a man who wants freedom. I wondered if a group of believers had joined with him in fasting and prayer, demonic influence would have been held at bay long enough for him to be fully delivered and established in freedom. It has launched me into a time of intensified prayer for those bound in this specific sin, which I have seen to be so controlling, but which I know must bow to the name and the authority of Jesus.

Paul was confident of his salvation and deliverance from prison based on two things: the prayers of the saints and the provision of the Spirit of Christ. I am encouraged to believe that my prayers release a fuller measure of the provision of the Spirit to aid struggling men and women to freedom from their emotional and spiritual prisons.

How many souls can be saved if we, the Church, take up the cause of our struggling brothers and sisters, and through prayer and fasting hold back demons and release provision? Let's try it and see! : )


  1. aye. i have been wondering about this specific thing too lately. pondering why we seem to get stuck in the same rut and have such a hard time getting out, knowing that it shouldn't be, and wondering if a more collective "standing" and a more collective consistent prayer might be the answer. God, let us be a community for each other... God, let your church come together... God, let your church be a CHURCH!

  2. I hope and pray that this gentle man finds deliverance from his unwanted homosexual desires, that he does not completely give up, nor those praying for him. I am asking for God's wisdom and guidance to find this person, as Jesus left the 99 to find that one missing from the fold.

    I, too, love someone for whom I am praying for deliverance from homosexuality. He is a beautiful person. I find myself asking God lately to reveal to me why my sweet friend is gay. What is the ROOT cause? Are the sins of his ancestors behing visited upon him? Is it a generational curse? Is it truly genetic? Is it demonic? Is it father issues? What?

    Certainly as Christians we are familiar with other believes who have prayed and fasted in vain for themselves as well as by others for their healing of physical maladies only to have their prayers met with seeming silence.

    I have learned that God can and does heal people instantly, and have also learned that where God could heal instantly in many others He does not. If he did, the healing would not last because the underlying reasons for the illness were not dealt with.

    Perhaps those sweet souls who are struggling desperately to be delivered from homosexuality would benefit more by seeking God's mind as to the root cause and ask to be delivered and healed from that--without that tap root, the spirit of homosexuality has no source of nourishment to feed its existance.

    I am believing for my friend's healing and deliverance. Thank you for agreeing with me in prayer for this, too.