Thursday, October 1, 2009

October 2009 Newsletter

Hello all! For the rest of the story on DC, follow this link to my October 2009 update letter. If you would like to receive this letter by mail, please email your address to hannah(AT)

Also, if you want more information on Bound4Life Houston or the 6-story abortion hospital being built there, you can read this blog from one of the girls involved in praying for the close of the abortion industry in Houston.




  1. i liked your news letter AND that girl's blog too...

    i lik e you and who u are.:)


  2. before I read the blogs you linked to, I wanted you to know that I dreamed last night that a young wild mama dropped a baby off at my house, then I made sure the baby was okay - then traveled with the young mama to a place where she could get help. As I traveled with her, I knew that the baby would be mine....